Monday, April 13, 2009

All right, all right, I realize it has been a while.

I'm in Huntsville. Enjoying the fact that there is a Zellers and Dollarama within a 10 minute walking radius. Clearly I appreciate the high brow things in life. You try living without Dollarama for 4 months and see how you cope. I am never paying $3 for bobby pins again in my life.

I'm sitting in my bed in my big bright room. Which I think is the perfect setting to write a few blogs about my mom coming up to Dawson City. I meant to write them earlier but the whole moving across the country thing got in the way.

Mom's arrival in Dawson City was great fun. It was great fun because I got to drive my coworker's car out of town all the way to the airport. And when I met my mom she had not met up with my co-worker Nancy who was also on the flight with her. It was a flight of about 40 people. Nancy was on the flight with me when I went up to Dawson.

I drove Mom back to town and I am convinced she took about 100 pictures in the 16 km span between the airport and town. And for those of you wondering what she took pictures of. Not too much because there really isn't much on that drive. The highlights include: dredge trailings under snow, the department of highways and all of their equipment, the dump, 2 gas stations, and a bridge.

I decided she needed to get a taste for how cold it was so I took her up to Robert Services cabin and she almost lost a few fingers taking pictures at the cabin.

Lunch time was quite the treat. I had chicken fingers. She had a buffalo burger. Now this is not the Ontario version of buffalo burger where they put hot sauce on chicken, this is real ground buffalo shaped into a pattie. It tasted great. Its a lot leaner than ground beef.

You know what really grinds my buffalo?